2021 is the time to RECONNECT

Over the last year, it has been difficult for many of us to stay connected. For World MS Day, we want to support the MS community by continuing to raise awareness of MS and to help you focus on meaningful reconnections. Aby is here to provide you with resources and tools to help with those reconnections.

Aby, the app to help you as you live with multiple sclerosis

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World MS day and reconnection means a lot for those who are living with MS so that they know and feel that they are not alone. It is important that those affected by MS are heard and supported through awareness, continued education & research. The value of the Aby app allows users to communicate with Nurses to gain information, support & help guide a continuous healthier lifestyle. It’s especially valuable when they are feeling confused, anxious, overwhelmed or just need some sort of guidance to help them take care of themselves or a loved one affected by MS and do not have nor know where to get the resources that they need.

- Aby Nurse Educator Team


with yourself and your healthcare team

Finding it hard to keep track of your MS? Share a digital report with your team. Track your symptoms and get treatment reminders with Aby’s one-step reminder creation, available on our personal journal.

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with a Nurse educator

Your healthcare provider should be your primary contact. However, we want to help fill in those gaps.

Have questions about life with MS? We have dedicated nurse educators that can be accessed through the Nurse Chat.

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with your health and body

Managing MS requires a comprehensive approach. Aby has a variety of wellness plans, including a nutrition program, designed for people with MS. Check out the 80 tips, step by step recipes, and quizzes to help improve your nutrition.

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with quality MS resources

Getting trusted information is more important than ever. Many people have questions about the immune system, infections, and vaccinations. Check out MSconnections.ca for resources and tools on living with MS.

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with the MS community

Everyone’s journey with MS is different. Hearing other people’s story may help provide tips and perspective for you. Check out what reconnection means to these people in our community.

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Whether you are living with Multiple Sclerosis, or supporting someone who is, discover Aby app’s features.

Personal Journal

Keep track of your health, set reminders and share reports with your healthcare provider.

Tailored content

Content featuring tips, tools, inspirational patient stories and news about Multiple Sclerosis.

Wellness program

Programs designed by healthcare professionals tailored to life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Nurse educator

Access to a nurse educator to answer questions you may have about life with Multiple Sclerosis.

You live a life of greatness.

Download Aby, the app that helps you as you live with Multiple Sclerosis.

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